Wilson Fletcher


The next generation of a weather graphics platform

Over the past two decades, MetService have been helping broadcasters present weather information to millions of people around the world. We helped them to envision the next generation of their platform.

  • Auckland
3 weeks

Setting the vision.

Over the past two decades, MetService have been helping broadcasters present weather information to millions of people around the world. They initially launched their Native Windows application, Weatherscape XT, back in 2000 and have since added a series of features and platform improvements over the subsequent years. It became apparent that they needed to redevelop their platform to enable them to leap ahead of their ever-increasing competitor set.

In particular, the user interface was very outdated and unintuitive, requiring a significant amount of training before it can be used quickly and easily in busy TV studios.

We were brought on board to help them define and design the next generation of the application. Our initial programme of work involved helping the Met Service define their vision for the product and to produce a narrative video that would articulate it. This video was to be shown at the International Broadcasters Conference (IBC), to be used in future pitches and also internally to align and excite their teams.

Tell a great story

Our first step was to interview a series of stakeholders and customers to understand the capabilities of the current tool and the potential for its next generation. We quickly began sketching concepts for the new service features.

Some of these aimed to bring the user interface in line with modern design conventions, such as changing the navigation structure, adding contextual panels and including a timeline scrubber, while others focused on adding entirely new features such as integrated social media feeds and a personalised dashboard.

A communication tool to inspire customers and the internal team.

The final video was a huge hit at IBC, with customers reacting positively to the new interface and additional features. It also proved to be a successful internal communication tool for MetService, clearly communicating their vision and getting the broader team excited about the future.

We have continued to work with MetService, helping them make some tactical updates to the existing programme. On the back of this piece of work, MetService have asked us to help them make the vision we set out a reality, and we are designing the next generation of Weatherscape.

Bringing the vision to life

Soon, we began defining the video storyboard to develop the story we wanted to tell about Weatherscape. Over the course of a matter of weeks we did numerous iterations of this storyboard, tweaking the copy and increasing the fidelity of the visuals.

Alongside this we defined a new visual language for the product, moving towards a dark background akin to many video creation applications, such as Affect Effects and Final Cut Pro. Once we were happy with the storyboard we started the video production in earnest, recording a voice over and completing the final edits of the video.