Wilson Fletcher

Virtual Advice

Helping customers make better financial decisions

Westpac, one of Australia’s big four banks, saw an opportunity to drive more qualified leads for its financial products by presenting customers with easier to understand, needs-led content. They asked us to explore and prototype service concepts for a touch-friendly, visually engaging educational experience that would help meet its commercial aims and compliance requirements.

  • Sydney
12 Weeks

Designing the conversation

When it comes to financial decisions, the better informed a customer is, the more confident they are in making decisions and the more readily they act on needs. But traditionally banks and financial services providers have focused on selling financial products over educating their customers.

We started from scratch, creating content that was purposely not product centric, but rather visually engaging informative and relevant to each individual’s personal situation.

New navigation mechanisms

Through our own research it was evident that the financial knowledge and attention of Westpac customers was highly variable. Some people knew very little or were experts in one specific area; others had a good general knowledge but were lacking in specifics.

We explored different mental models used for financial decision making to test our hypotheses about what triggers people to begin researching financial products. It quickly became clear that we needed to design a service that engaged even the time poor and enabled them to move seamlessly across related topics and from basic overviews to in depth information according to their needs.

They also needed to be able to save and share the information easily as important financial decisions are rarely made in isolation. These key insights underpinned our choice of navigation model and key functionality.

Content first

From the start it was clear that creating engaging content would be the key to success. To explore different approaches in the shortest possible time, we adopted an intensive rapid concepting and validation framework that saw our 24 hour studio working around the clock from Sydney and London to iterate and produce new content concepts for testing every few days.

Over several weeks we worked closely with the client in Sydney sketching out how different types of content could engage the end user focusing on visual communications and interactivity, then handing work over to our London colleagues who produced high fidelity prototypes overnight for testing with potential customers and further refinement with the client.

An educational experience with real commercial value

Westpac Explore was an important step forward for Westpac towards its goal to better educate its customers. And commercially it’s paying off. Customers who visit Explore content are more than twice as likely to contact Westpac as regular users of the website. Its objective to better inform customers before they make contact with Westpac also makes for richer financial conversations and better commercial outcomes.