Wilson Fletcher

True Local

A new experience to discover local businesses

True Local connects local businesses and customers across Australia with millions of searches conducted online each month. Having conducted extensive research into how to improve the customer experience, True Local embarked on a rebrand and targeted redesign of key pages to go live before Christmas 2015. Our role was to optimise the user experiences with the aim of driving traffic and conversion.

  • Sydney
5 Weeks

A new neighbourhood hub

A simple and useful search solution is the cornerstone of the True Local experience but their new brand identity opened new avenues for users to discover more businesses within their local suburb. Our task was to balance the functional user needs (to search) with new user journeys of discovery. To help users discover more than just the relevant business details we focussed on showcasing other relevant businesses, events and locals in the area for a richer experience online and offline.

A friendlier, more useful mobile experience.

With more searches taking place on mobile devices, it was important to design a responsive mobile solution that delivered an intuitive experience. Taking the new brand service concepts forward, we implemented an improved navigation and content hierarchy that met the needs of users on-the-go.

Rapid service mapping allowed us to robustly define all page variants for a cohesive solution across all page types.

Three prototypes were built to iteratively test and validate the design solution.

Collaborative co-creation with key stakeholders helped refine the design solution

Delivering value to local businesses

The business listing pages were at the core of the design solution with 80% of traffic landing on these pages. Faced with the multiple needs of local businesses to manage their listings, as well as the needs of local users to find and choose the right local business for them we needed to provide clear pathways that serve business customers and user needs. We ensured that essential business information was easy to find, as well as delighting users with a ‘window’ into each local business and surrounding neighbourhood with photos and reviews.

“The team immersed themselves in our business with minimal fuss and produced demonstrable progress early on in the project. The value being created at all stages was clear and transparent. Overall we will be launching a significantly better product than we would have done if we hadn’t have worked with Wilson Fletcher.”

KEITH O’BRIEN, Head of product, True Local