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Project Babb

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The Telegraph came to us with the intention of developing a digital offer for the World Cup to attract a younger audience to its football coverage. In just a week, we developed a winning concept and prototype. Project Babb was launched three months later, attracting unprecedented engagement for Telegraph Sport, a 50% increase in mobile traffic and, more importantly, a legion of fans of irreverent and engaging football content.

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5 days

50%Increase in mobile traffic

The Telegraph’s entire mobile traffic increased by 50%.

400%Increase in followers

Telelgraph Football’s twitter following has quadrupled: from 10.3k before Babb, to 44.2k today.


Project Babb’s most popular feature posted during the world cup was shared over 100,000 times.

Day 1

The first day or so was spent facilitating a discussion around ‘what’s special about the world cup’, identifying potential opportunity areas and defining the core questions we needed to answer by the end of the week.

Day 2

As the week progressed we began honing in on our central concept, its proposition and mapping out the user journey.

Day 3

The concept behind Babb was a very simple one: to produce a curated stream of interesting bite-sized content pieces with a social quiz layer to add a gaming aspect. We were lucky enough to have some of the Telegraph sport’s journalist in the workshops so we established a set of content principles and created some great sample features for our prototype.

Day 4

By the end of week we had produced a compelling deck outlining the opportunity, the concept, the key design and content principles and the operation and growth plan. Alongside this was a simple wireframe prototype which enabled people to experience the core journey. The Telegraph team used this material to pitch the concept to their internal stakeholders. They loved the idea and gave the go ahead for their internal teams to commence build.

New platform, new audience, new digital content strategy

The Telegraph is a well-established and fairly traditional news publisher, with a demographic that skews towards older readers.

The World Cup offered an opportunity to do something quite different with the digital team, presenting new types of content in an imaginative way for a younger audience. The Telegraph boasted a great team of young sports writers whose work was often overlooked by

the existing audience or under-supported by the existing digital infrastructures, so finding them a platform was also an important consideration.

The offer would need to be focused on social sharing, attracting primarily mobile traffic. Additionally, there was a broader objective to demonstrate how employing leaner working methods can get products to market in record time.

Unprecedented social engagement for Telegraph content

Project Babb was launched about a month before the World Cup started. It has exceeded its traffic expectations, leading to The Telegraph’s entire mobile traffic increasing by 50%. It also hit its target audience with 60% aged between 18-34% and 55% of this traffic coming from social.

This project also has a wider legacy, as The Telegraph have announced that Babb will run to cover general football beyond the World Cup.