Wilson Fletcher


Giving New Zealanders an effortless way to enjoy great film and TV

NEON. Powered by Sky

SKY is New Zealand’s leading pay-television operator. Our task was to design a world-class IPTV service for the New Zealand market that would both give existing SKY customers a brilliant way to watch the best shows from around the world and attract new customers with exclusive content and a seamless experience. We created a truly seamless viewing experience that audiences can enjoy across all platforms – desktop, mobile, android, iOS and X-Box.

  • Sydney
  • Auckland
16 weeks

Simple, seamless and distinctive

SKY’s ambition was to launch a world-class service into New Zealand to enable a fully immersive viewing experience across web, iOS, Android tablets and smartphones, and the Xbox360. With this in mind we set out to create service consistency across all platforms while taking advantage of the native capabilities, and optimising the experience, for each device. The resulting experience is both distinctive and immediately intuitive; a peer of the best in the world.

Watch, and then watch some more

Getting users to the ‘watch’ point for the content they want as quickly and easily as possible was crucial. Throughout proof of concept we iterated core user journeys with target customers to optimise how this would work. We paid particular attention to designing seamless ways for people to find content they want and continue into the next episode in a series – because nobody should have to wait between episodes of Game of Thrones. We needed to consider carefully how and where the paywall should appear to encourage conversion. We built out and tested numerous prototypes for each device to optimise this journey.

We sketched early service models to explore how different paywall approaches impact the end user experience.

Our user journey maps and interaction model explored how to get users to their desired content as quickly as possible.

We created numerous HTML prototypes to test how to reduce friction points.

We then tailored these to each device, drive content consumption by helping customers quickly discover what they’d like to watch next.

The 24 hour studio

With an ambitious launch timeline, we needed to work at pace; we ran an agile 24 hour studio between Auckland, Sydney and London, with each team iterating the solution daily within two-week design sprints. By maintaining a continual stream of collaboration with the multitude of stakeholders at SKY, Interbrand, the branding consultancy and multiple development partners – as well as target customers – and working with a deeply integrated design process, we were able to deliver a first class experience at maximum speed.

A truly immersive viewing experience

NEON is focused on keeping users seamlessly engaged with their content, regardless of the devices they choose to use, or how they choose to use them. A user can easily switch devices while watching content and can access synchronised cross-device services like watch lists easily on any device they use. Users can also choose to complete tasks best suited to each device, such as adding to the watchlist on your mobile, while consuming content on the big screen or X-box.

Wilson Fletcher’s approach enabled us to truly define what features and experiences should be at the core of our product and how to bring surprise and delight to users in meaningful ways. They worked hard, against tight timelines and with exceptionally high quality output.