Wilson Fletcher

Mirror Reader Offers

A delightful experience for a much-loved offers service

Long a successful advertising feature in the newspaper, Mirror Offers is an e-commerce website offering curated deals, offers and discounts for Daily Mirror readers. The Mirror asked us to redesign the website to help improve slowing sales and improve the experience for both Mirror readers and non-readers alike.

  • London
8 weeks

Sometimes, customers do know what they want

We knew the Mirror Offers site served some specific customer types, and we needed to get to know them better. We collaborated with the Mirror team on a comprehensive audience research programme that built rich insight into their customers. The net result?

Readers typically knew exactly how they wanted the site to work and non-readers thought it simply wasn’t for them. It was clear that we needed to address both groups if we were to improve commercial performance.

Reshaping the core service

We outlined a new positioning for the website’s role in the business, audited the existing content with existing customers, then developed initial prototypes for a new site architecture before testing them with target customer groups. We overhauled key components like the basket and checkout process to bring them up to best practice standards and improve clarity and simplicity at every level. We introduced new product categories to organise the offers in ways that all users found logical and made deals found in today’s paper easy to access from the homepage.

Optimising the details

We knew that the existing site ‘leaked’: customer drop-outs occurred in numerous small points along the journey, so we mapped and analysed every journey into and through the site.

We even tested variants of the URL printed in the newspaper to see which proved most logical and memorable: a critical step in many purchase journeys.

A site created for, and with, Mirror readers

The final design is tightly aligned with the main Mirror brand. Organisation and signposting have been enhanced throughout. Interactive product galleries enrich the shopping experience and the editorial team can now curate pages with ease to match seasonal trends and running offers. Readers love it, and non-readers do too. Sales improved almost from the day it went live and continue to grow.