Wilson Fletcher

Experian Credit Expert

Credit reports made simple, comprehensive and useful

Experian’s CreditExpert – the market-leader in the UK – is a service that allows consumers to check their credit rating, learn how to improve their score and protect their personal information. Experian asked us to optimise the service and increase retention rates. We focused on two key points of the service – simplifying acquisition and redesigning the report so it really made sense to the customer, becoming a valuable financial management tool.

  • London
8 weeks

Simplify the route, clarify the report

We started with a hypothesis born of experience: if we could simplify everything about the route in, more people would sign up. And if we could clarify every aspect of the credit report itself so that anyone could understand it easily – we could help people make better use of the information. Consequently, more people would find the service more valuable, and more would remain subscribers. Simple.

An immediate impact on conversion

Over the next couple of weeks, we developed an initial set of redesigned sign up pages. A/B testing showed they they proved to be converting 15% more people than before, so they were swapped into the live site.

We knew that the pages could be optimised further through user testing. We conducted a range of research sessions with target customers, using both observational and eye-tracking research techniques.

Refine every on-screen element and optimise every aspect of the experience

Armed with rich insight from our user testing activities, we spent the next few weeks developing a final set of optimised solutions for every page in the service. The sign-up journey was nipped and tucked in dozens of subtle ways, and the credit report pages were taken through numerous iterations until we settled on an optimal approach to layout and information design.

A simpler, friendlier, more useful CreditExpert experience

The final experience design for sign-up and the reports themselves went live 16 weeks after the project started.

We worked closely with the Experian team throughout and we’re happy to report that the final solution drove up conversion and retention rates even more than expected.