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A beautiful multi-timer for cooking and baking

Diiing is the world's first simple multi-timer app. Inspired by burnt roast potatoes and used for workshops, lessons and culinary escapades, it takes away the tricky job of timing by allowing users to create and stagger multiple timers, getting the clock under control. Diiing! is a Wilson Fletcher Studios product, designed and built by our team in London. 

  • London
6 weeks

It all started with burnt roast potatoes

The inspiration for Diiing came from a burnt Sunday roast at Katie Buchanan’s house. Katie found that with so many components to keep track of and her whole family to keep entertained, it was almost inevitable that the roast potatoes would be ruined. Surely there was a way to keep kitchen timings under control more than the single oven timer can manage...


Multi-timers, one view

Market research found that although physical multi-timers already existed, there still weren’t any apps doing a good job. Some offered the option to set different timers, but the user experience was lacking, and they failed to clearly show how different timings related to one another. We found that there was a surge in home cooking and that many people use their iPads in the kitchen already, so decided to make Diiing! as an iPad app.

The 'while cooking' experience

We identified a real opportunity to make Diiing stand out with a great user experience. Since it would primarily be used while people are cooking, it needed to be as simple as possible.

We sketched and wireframed behaviours, before quickly arriving at an initial prototype built with Axure.

Prioritisation for launch and beyond

User testing and concepting produced a huge list of features which would be nice to have in the app. We had to prioritise features to make sure that we were serving our core idea and develop a roadmap for expanding the product. We knew that adding, editing and deleting multiple timers was key, as well as allowing users to drag timers in relation to one another, preventing sleep mode and, of course, a very loud ‘diiing!’ at the end.

Taking a photo of your completed meal and saving it and the timer set together for future use.
A saved timers section
Auto calculate cooking duration based on weight
A library of precreated timers and recipes
Ingredients list and ability to easily up scale the quantity of the ingredients for more people
Step by step recipe slideshow

A perfectly cooked roast, every time

On launch, Diiing! received excellent write-ups from food bloggers and transformed Katie’s kitchen habits. We’re currently pursuing a number of commercial partnerships for Diiing! to help others put an end to burnt roast potatoes.