Wilson Fletcher


A revolutionary content filtering platform

Finding, distilling and consuming the stories we need can be overwhelming given the array and speed at which content is pushed at us every day. Cronycle brings control back to content consumption. Starting life as a Wilson Fletcher Studios product, Cronycle was designed and enginnering by our team in London before spinning out as a startup in its own right.

  • London
6 weeks

“Where's that article I saw on Twitter?”

We’re all consuming more content than we ever have done before, much of it via links shared on Twitter, or via RSS feeds. However, feeds make old links incredibly hard to find, and we all had our own ways of working around the problem – emailing ourselves, retweeting, adding to bookmarks, and so on. There had to be a way to take control of the content we discovered via our steams (not to mention the hundreds of articles we miss) every day...

“It’s not content overload, it’s filter failure”

This is our favourite quote: Clay Shirky said it back in 2008 and since then, content sources have exploded, making the overload even worse. People, and in particular professionals and business teams, need powerful tools to uncover and distill critical information in a timely and efficient manner, particularly as this information is increasingly published outside of traditional media outlets. Most businesses – like us – are now knowledge-centric businesses, increasingly reliant on access to relevant content. Even financial institutions are realising that market sensitive information is published outside the incumbent platform such as Bloomberg or Reuters, and need tools to help them access this unstructured content fast.

Bringing the control back to content consumption

We knew that Cronycle had to be a service first and foremost. We wanted it to do all the heavy lifting on behalf of its users, saving, sorting and filtering shared links automatically. It needed to offer users security that they would never miss another important story again and the power to always be able to find the stories they needed.

Making it as delightful as it is useful

Once we had an early prototype that showed what Cronycle could do for us, we put it to the test with potential users of the service. We decided to start with super-consumers of content: people who use Twitter to discover new content and pay for content subscription services. Working with our users helped us to really understand that they wanted to enjoy the service as well as have it solve their content problems. We really focused on making the UI beautiful while prioritising the features that would make the biggest improvements to utility.

From project to company

All initial design and prototyping of the service was conducted by our team in WF Studios. It soon became clear that in order for Cronycle to work how we’d imagined it should, it would need to be very powerful indeed. So we launched a joint venture company with a great VC partner and built a dedicated team who are focused on making the service a success.

Problem solved

We previewed an early version of Cronycle at CES in Las Vegas and won the official Editor's Choice Award: we couldn't have hoped for a better start. Since then we've been hard at work making it a world-class platform. Today, Cronycle is a freemium service with pro subscriptions for individuals and businesses. With an exciting roadmap full of great new features, plans to expand the Cronycle team and new markets in which to launch, the future is certainly bright for Cronycle.