Wilson Fletcher

BT Sport

A multi-platform destination for everyday sports fans

BT’s entry into the sports broadcasting arena caused waves around the world. With the initial purchase of Premiership football rights costing almost £1bn, the telecoms giant needed to build a distinctive experience to compete with the long-established industry incumbent. We were asked to come up with a compelling digital proposition, develop the concept with target customers, and work with BT’s technology teams to deliver a state-of-the-art cross-platform digital experience.

  • London
12 weeks

A digital-first customer experience

With a growing suite of top sports rights, and a secret pre-launch strategy centred on broadband not broadcast, the new BT Sports apps had to be the heart of the new experience for BT customers – and the anchor of a multi-billion-pound commercial strategy.

With the new Premiership season looming, we had to work fast. We started developing concepts for new apps that would provide both stand-alone and second-screen experiences. We involved customers from the outset, developing storyboards and rapid prototypes that we could explore with target customers and stakeholders alike.

A sport experience for everyone

We designed the apps to be simple, elegant and accessible to anyone. Designed around a concept of ‘sport you can enjoy every day’, a fluid content canvas displays live and recorded video content alongside news and social features.

As well as broadcasting live matches, the apps seamlessly flip from a primary to second-screen mode for those watching on TV, or even a second digital device – smartphones can act as second screens for tablets.

Early sketched service models showing how different paywall approaches impacts the end user experience.

Hi-res prototypes built in HTML help us to emulate the native experience in a fast and efficient way. Early sketched service models showing how different paywall approaches impacts the end user experience.

We ran roadmapping workshops to prioritise the features into development sprints.

Comprehensive service maps, journeys, wireframes and design assets were uploaded on central repository we created for stakeholders and developers to access.

Adapting to a rapidly-evolving business

The entire programme of work ran in parallel with the recruitment of an all-new BT Sport team being recruited, TV studios designed from the ground up, and the BT Sport brand created.

We worked in close collaboration with BT Sport’s senior team as it developed, adapting the programme and the service design to fit both a changing team and a fast-growing portfolio of sports.

A rich digital sports network you can hold in your hands

After just a few months, bang on schedule for the new Premier League season, the final apps went live. Customers loved the design of the apps from the outset, and we have since enriched and added to them with new sports and rich new functionality to continuing success.