Wilson Fletcher

Bauer Media Group Website

A new home for the UK’s only transmedia publishing group

Bauer owns 107 media brands in the UK, reaching an audience of 22 million across all platforms. They needed a unified home that would support both the goals of showcasing the breadth of individual brands and serving advertisers: bringing together the existing bauermedia.co.uk and baueradvertising.com sites. Working with both the marketing and technical teams at Bauer, we took project end-to-end from positioning and service concepting, through detailed design and finally rapid development and testing in a total of 12 weeks.

  • London
6 weeks

A powerhouse brand

How do you unite a brand spanning women’s glossies to fishing magazines, for a far-reaching audiences from regional hobbyists to global advertisers? We had define a digital identity for Bauer that would resonate with a wide range of audiences, and accommodate a huge selection of brands.

We explored several brand concepts before deciding that at the centre of the brand would be Bauer’s greatest asset: its huge portfolio of brands. Bauer’s digital brand centres on its status as a media powerhouse: network, influencers, bold.

Unifying multiple purposes

Alongside developing the brand identity, we also had to create clear routes through the website to serve different audiences with different ambitions. We started sketching the concept for how the site should behave, using a simple diagram to illustrate key journeys. Vital information needed to be easy to find, but the whole site had to tell a story of Bauer’s unique cross-platform offer and unrivalled brand portfolio.

Media buyers had been defined as a key audience group, so we spoke to them about how to design the site to make their jobs easier. We developed the idea for a global media basket to allow the easy download of media packs, case studies and insight pieces, as well as improvements on an audience-finder tool that helped buyers easily find the brands that reach their target audience.

A site built for efficiency

When it came to engineering the site, making upkeep efficient for the Bauer team was a key ambition. The site is engineered with a suite of open source tools including a CMS powered by KeystoneJS.com and an integrated site wide search using ElasticSearch.

All content can be linked and re-used across the site, making internal process far more efficient. We worked with the Bauer IT team to setup and deploy the appropriate platform architecture to support the website at peak times around their major events.

Wilson Fletcher took the time to really listen to what we needed and went out of their way to help, always being very patient and approachable. We’re thrilled with the site – it looks great, went live on time and we’ve had great feedback from all.

The new site delivers far improved experiences for customers, advertisers and, perhaps even more importantly, a better way of working for the Bauer Media team.