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Putting world-class video footage in the hands of digital newsrooms

The Associated Press approached us with the germ of a great idea to take their world-class video services that had been reserved for traditional broadcasters and turn them into a new platform for digital news environments, fuelling a new generation of digital-first newsrooms. Over the next six weeks, we developed an entirely new service proposition, turned it into a viable concept, and devised the strategy for its development and launch to target customers around the world.

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14 weeks

Understanding the opportunity

The opportunity in the idea was evident immediately: the challenge was to turn that opportunity into a viable service – or to rule it out – as quickly as possible. We needed to determine whether a platform for top-quality digital news footage had a viable market, what form it should take, and how should it be rolled out to market.

We started by analysing the potential market for a service like this worldwide: we mapped the range of potential market applications, organisational customers and target users within them. We conducted initial interviews with more than 20 digital media brands around the world to determine their appetite for a service like Brooklyn and where its greatest potential might lie.

Shaping the new service

Our initial research and analysis activities informed a series of models for the service that were visualised and validated with further customer insight work.

We created concept models for all components of the service and constructed pricing models.

We then created an opportunity map of the global marketplace and developed a rollout strategy that could take maximum advantage of the service's commercial potential. After we made our final recommendations to the AP board, the project was given final approval and proceeded into full development. AP Video Hub was born.

Making it real

The next stage of the project involved a rapid, collaborative design programme to create the Video Hub service itself. Over the next nine weeks, we worked with members of the AP design team in our London studios to create a fully visualised service, progressing the design through numerous iterations together.

We created detailed user journeys and concept stories and worked in collaboration with AP’s development team in the US to allow them to undertake initial development work at the earliest opportunity.

We hadn’t done this customer centric design before and Wilson Fletcher were supporting us every step of the way. It was a good organisational fit.

An idea that was transformed into AP’s most successful product launch ever

The end product of our work was a detailed concept design solution that the AP design team led into production and development back home in the US. The final service went live a few months later to become AP’s most successful product launch ever. We have undertaken several subsequent phases of work on VideoHub as it has evolved, and the programme format was so successful that it has been adopted on AP’s other major digital services AP Video Archive and AP Images.


The service features over 1.5 million global news and entertainment stories dating back to the early 20th century

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AP Video Hub is used daily by the world’s leading news organisations