Wilson Fletcher

AA Cars

Helping people buy used cars with confidence

Backed by one of the most reputable brands in the UK, AA Cars is a second-hand car sales platform where customers can find and buy vehicles direct from dealers. With new competitors springing up, we helped them to better promote and position their services to differentiate AA Cars as the most trustworthy buying platform.

  • London
6 weeks

Improve what counts

Our project was focused on optimising the critical pages that people depended on the most. We improved the overall experience across these key pages, using data analytics to identify critical features that needed attention, applying a new identity and crafting icon sets.

One service, two different sets of customers

There are two sides to AA Cars: dealer membership and customer sales. This project had to address both, balancing the needs of both audience groups and ensuring the site was telling the right information to the right people at the right time. AA Cars wanted to promote a new bundle of services – AA Inspect & Protect – as the absolute best and safest way to buy vehicles. It was a premium way of packaging membership for dealers and our challenge was to frame the benefits for customers across the site.

As well as showing its benefits in listings pages, we also created an information page to explain the different services. However, it was incredibly interesting that when we talked this through with customers, we soon found that what made sense for the dealers had little impact on people looking for a car. Their main motivation was the car itself, and extra services are a bonus. Customers wanted a quick and easy way of comparing the benefits that come with a car, which bundling services overcomplicates.

Promote and educate

Knowing users were unlikely to seek out information about AA Cars services, we had to carefully consider how we could both promote and educate in a natural way.

It was important to make sure the benefits were understood by as many people as possible in order to strengthen the brand positioning. We introduced help tips on search results pages, testing different routes to find out where people would be most likely to pay attention to them and how to explain the benefits clearly.

We also introduced a simple panel that listed the AA Cars benefits that come with each car – such as warranty, breakdown cover and history checks.

A simple site with a strong purpose

The site provides a vastly improved experience. A refreshed visual language makes the site feel simpler and more distinctive throughout, and each key piece of information is now easier to find, read and act upon.

The benefits of AA Cars are presented in a way that is easy to understand for both dealers and customers, as well as promoting the brilliant benefits of AA Cars and increasing its perception as a trustworthy brand.