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Unleashing the innovation potential in B2B


In a terrific evening at The Hospital Club, we hosted a discussion about how B2B organisations can capitalise on their digital potential.


We welcomed an audience of B2B industry leaders to discuss how B2B businesses can allow their innovation and new product development processes to flourish. Our four fantastic speakers drew on their own experience to provide insight into overcoming the many obstacles that lie in the way of delivering on a customer-centric strategy, and putting great experiences in the hands of customers.

The evening kicked off with James Mitchell, mobile product development manager at Zapp. James discussed some of the challenges that come with taking a new concept to market in a legacy world, including the isolation of a team from its parent organisation in order to exectue on a new concept and bring a brand new payment system to customers.
Following this, Karen Waldron, Director of Product Development at LexisNexis, spoke of the benefits they have seen since making the shift from focusing on what they sell, to focusing on what users need. Karen described some of the numerous ways in which the product teams at LexisNexis embrace these end users and precisely why they have developed such an open and collaborative way to harness the needs of their customers to deliver new products that meet these requirements.
Matt Malone, Head of Conduct Transformation, gave us a well-rounded insight into the challenges faced in progressing a customer-centric approach in a large, legacy bank. Matt described how a laissez-faire attitude to growth – and in particular to customers – both in the B2C and B2B context, is a recipe for disaster. His message was clear: culture change needs to take place in order for businesses to embrace new ideas and look beyond short-term revenue figures. 
Finally, Mark Wilson, Founder of Wilson Fletcher, spoke of a new kind of strategy, one which is service-led by nature. Mark explained that every experience delivered to customers has strategic importance and the only hope that established organisations have to compete is to invert the traditional ‘pillar’ model and put customers – and their experiences – at the heart.

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Mark Wilson

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Wilson Fletcher


Karen Waldron

Director of Product Development, LexisNexis

James Mitchell

Product Development Manager, VocaLink