Wilson Fletcher

How can established organisations use their history to out-innovate those without?


Our first roundtable event focused on what it takes for established organisations to innovate and compete in the digital age. 

We held a fantastic informal roundtable on 25th November – the first of this type of event to be hosted by Wilson Fletcher – to tackle the question ‘how can organisations with a history out-innovate those without?’

The evening’s vibrant discussion revealed some eye-opening insights and addressed a question that keeps coming up: “how do we use our legacy as an asset, not a burden”.

In the privacy of The Modern Pantry’s dining room and fuelled by an abundance of food and wine, the evening gave everyone the ability to bounce ideas off peers and to learn from other sectors facing similar issues. 

Thanks to those who came and ensured that everyone had a night of good food and even better company. We certainly left energised and inspired by the fascinating discussion.



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